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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 22, 2011 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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friends. fed ex is fed up, businees are cutting back the world over and investors were cutting out. look at this, the dow tumbled close to 400 points today, on top of nearly 300 points yesterday. stocks in germany, france, london, 4.5 percent each today. similar hits in asia. hong kong's market, off 5 percent on worries that china, yes, china, the world's sugar daddy is beginning to sour. enough to drive down oil prices. and drive up u.s. bond prices. interest rates plummeting to all-time lows, faith in washington to fix the mess plummeting, period. another all of jobless claims number today. the solyndra scandal growing and talk of another government shut
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down maybe in just days. all forming the perfect storm for a presidentialal debate this day, this night, if this city, orlando, florida, the land of micky, and tonight the venue for republicans champing to rip a president whose economic fixes are mickey mouse they say and we are all over your ... disney world, with carl cameron in orlando, tonight, and anxious investors in chicago, today, and european market roller coaster watcher on a continent in trouble in london now, and now, taking stock of the moving stocks. >>reporter: yes, i can hear the roar from the s&p 500 trading here in chicago as we see the closing numbers settle up, the dow looking to settle down, 390 points on the session and this is well-off the lows of the session, but, still, a significant sell off putting us on pace for the week to have the
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worst sell off for any week since october of 2009. so, the s&p 500 losing 37 and the tech nasdaq lost 80 and a quarter of the stocks in the s&p 500 hit 52-week low, so a big day of selling and the financial stocks taking a big hit, as well, on the heels of the moody's downgrade and wells fargo, city group, bank of america, our largest financial institutions taking hits today, and, really, leading the losses. those three companies, the stocks the past several days, the past week have lost 10 percent to 20 percent of their overall value so that continues to happen and, also, watching fedex speaks the market today. fedex lowering the outlook for the year saying that shipments to china to the united
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states and europe, especially of electronics has been slowing and not what they expect sod -- so they lowered the outlook. unbelievable day red arrows across the board and the only thing up was the u.s. dollar on the heels of that fed announcement. that helped to push a lot of the commodity prices like oil and gold lower on the session. >>neil: what made you great, sandra, you are so calm, so, you are the pilot of the plane here. you were keeping us calm, but, thank you very much. in the meantime, don't say europe didn't warn us, with a warm up if london what was before the free fall here. >> i am in europe, and we have been pull felled and getting bad news from the world bank and bad news from the ecb and the federal reserve, and from everyone, everyone, everyone is saying, we are headed into
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dangerous territory and it is not surprising that investors are saying take our money off the table, and go home with our money, and, at the same time, we hear china is slowing down and the latest news is that lloyds of london, the big insurers if london not depositing with one mar bank in europe and people are saying which bank is that? so, if the insurance company are not depositing in a bank, what chance is there for the rest of us? >>neil: and that is a big reason why the french bank which has been in trouble lately, is on the ropes, but, also, there is a sense, why flow if it is fair, that something bad is about to happen in europe, either the banks completely crash into themselves or one of the countries, greece comes to mind, just, just, just defaults. >>reporter: well, you know, europe reminds me of watching a couple, a husband and wife in
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the kitchen arguing how to do the cooking for dinner and that is irrelevant when people are at the door to take everything away. so there is squabbling over solving the problem. everyone knows there is a problem, and they wonder how to solve it. that is, really, angering investors and they say, well, i am not interested in this, i will take my money back and put it into, maybe, ten-year treasuries something that is safe. but these things happen all the time. just remain calm have an idea about what you want do buy and buy it when the price is right. >>neil: listen, my good friend, david, whatever they are making for dinner is not irrelevant, but it is always good to see you. david in criminally old england but not so jolly today. a heck of a drop off for the
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debate back off, and i have a feeling this will come up tonight. can you hear us, carl cameron? >>carl: i can, you are talking about the backdrop, absolutely, is not just the presidential campaign but the economy, the world during mile, et cetera, and it is going to be heck of a battle between the can states on their own personality and character, never mind the policy. rick perry is the national front runner and leads the polls in florida but in the last couple of weeks there has been indication that suggests that rick perry is facing a renewed challenge and the potential of a closer rate with romney. to the extent this looks like a two-person raise there is a contrast between rick perry and rock any. perry, the texas governor, free-term gore -- governor makes the argument that romney has been unreliable. and romney, former massachusetts governor, and businessman, makes
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the argument that he has the appropriate skill set and expense to deal with a sinking economy and get it back on track to create jobs in ways that rick perry may not but they are hardly the only candidaten at stage tonight. there will be a full roster of nine, while to some it is a two person race between rick perry and romney there are a host others that are worth watching of the ron paul, he is running third in a lot of polls and the candidacy was not taken seriously in the last two outings, this time around, ron paul has a loyal following and getting a tremendous amount of attention. gingrich and herman cain known for strong debating, it will be a very big night andthis is important not only because this is the third of three debates in three weeks, a real opportunity to see how the candidates perform and on saturday, floridians have a straw poll and there will be an unofficial
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ballot. >>neil: you can catch the candidates squaring off in a few hours kicking off at 9:00 p.m., and if you want to get in on the pre-game show you can log on starting tonight at 8:30 eastern, that is your evening set right through. investors are not the only ones losing confidence. companies won't hire and so are the folk who do the hiring and nothing they are hearing is making them feel any better, just ask the media and rally tycoon keeping his money tight. what is going on? with businesses in general? >>guest: this is not just a one week story but going on for a couple of years. we have a huge increase in unemployment which is up to 19 percent if measured properly and a huge group in home equity which is two thirds of the home equity of the american public dropped. that is huge drop bigger than
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the drop we had in the great depression. you have a drop in consumer confidence and we have not seen 20 percent below the low levels of all previous recessions measured by the national industrial conference board. >>neil: so a guy like you in various businesses are you less likely -- what do you need to see? ing something positive in the economy that is not generating exclusively by the deficit for monetary policy. this has to be organic growth in the economy, and we do not see that, what we are saying is the modern day equivalent of a depression but instead of soup lines we have ten million people getting unemployment checks in the mail so we do not see them but those numbers are terrifying. and i will not say we are completely out of tools in the toolbox but this is little to do. >>neil: you are not encouraged with what you have seen? >>guest: absolutely not. >>neil: the latest initiative
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dozen not go far enough? >>guest: why think they will work. we is a chance, a time when this kind of a program could work and that is much, much earlier in the process, and at this stage, something else is beginning on that is absolutely essential to this, and that is, it is not we have a stock market crash but a crash in confidence. that is not beginning to turn around quickly. this has gone on too long. we have seen the government unable to do anything. there is a real loss of confidence in the government, never mind in the administration but the role of the government, and a loss of confidence in the income and the net worth of most people, you look at the personal balance sheet and they will save because they don't know what is happening. >>neil: they are going back to that. they were opening up the wallet and closed it. we are on track right now for the worst weekly drop off in the dow since october of 2008 which was the middle of the last
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meltdown. do you envision that happening again? >>guest: what we see in europe, they are kicking the can down the road and why know how they keep it under control. their problems at the banking level is an issue of liquidity and solvency, they have made loans that are preposterous and everyone is trying to keep the badges solvent or going on. something will give. >>neil: you are big in commercial, but that is where you are really big, and i wonder, is that the next shoe to drop? >>guest: i think to the extent there have been a real decline and it is taking place, if you look at it, the commercial real estate market has to be -- in the smaller towns, new york city is actually doing relatively well. our, we have a low level of
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vacancies. and in washington, that is strong, but the smaller markets and other bigger marks have trouble and that is not the only part. residential real estate and commercial real estate represent values that are being wiped off the balance sheet of america and that is hurting. they are getting nervous about that and no one can blame them. >>neil: thank you very much. do any of you remember this? >> it is a ponzi scheme. tin for the status quo with social security today is involved with a monstrous lie. >>neil: rick perry is facing storm clouds in the sunshine state for that? think again. @=h there's only one bottle left !
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[ male announcer ] if you're in a ford f-150 and you see this... it's the end of the road. the last hurrah. it's when ford's powertrain warranty ends. but in is ram truck, youe still got 39,999 miles to go. ♪ guts. glory. ram. ♪ >>neil: remember this? >> it is a ponzi scheme to tell our kids that are 25 or 30 you are paying interest a program that will be there and then for
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the status quo with social security today is involved with lie. >>neil: you would think for rick perry he would be saying in florida, as we speak, that he would be this trouble for calling social security a ponzi scheme. you are wrong. ahead of the debate he is the standout in the sunshine state. the texas governor is ahead, yes, ahead of romney, 46 percent to 38 percent. and is my tea party guest surprised? >>guest: i'm not surprised. americans are ready for straight talk. this has been coming for decades and older members are the wisest. they know this is coming and they know it is the real deal. >>neil: but this is the land of the social security recipients and a go even if he called a spade a spade, that wouldn't go down well, all of the opponents that night in the last debate were all over him saying that. do we need more of that?
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is he needlessly frightening. >>guest: we need more of it. i spent a few days in florida last week talking to a lot of seniors who are part of the tea party movement and they understand this is a structural problem they want addressed. they don't want to leave a disaster to their kids. they are better americans than our politicians. >>neil: i have not seen the breakdown, probably more young people answering that would feel the way they do or more positive about governor perry and older people, maybe not, have not seen the breakdown. how do you thing the social security issue plays out in how republicans particularly the tea party republicans, play that? >>guest: they play it as they have been, as the adults in the room averaging we have a real problem, not scaring seniors and you hear governor perry and the others saying we will not get rid of social security but take care of people, but by stepping up which is what the tea party has done, they will win america over to responsibility. >>neil: you are probably one
1:18 pm
of the top tea party leaders, any candidate you like or lean to? >>guest: this is a bottom up moment, and--. >>neil: but you are the guy booked on shows? >>guest: i am privileged just to reflect the moment. it is a blessing and i am only here as long as people feel i say what they are feeling. i have 3,600 chapters across the country and my co-founder and i listen to the people not e-mails and listen to them on conference calls. >>neil: but it not a national committee? >>guest: we have our national leadership council, 3,600 tea party leaders who tell us third position, how to message the position. >>neil: so you are in the group that raises a lot of social issues like the guy challenging speaker boehner? abortion is a big issue to him. and social issues, huge issue.
1:19 pm
where is the family on those issues? >>guest: we don't talk about that. fiscal responsibility, constitution and limited government. i got e-mails from my local groups after he was on your show saying we have in idea where he came from, he is not a tea partier we are aware of. >>neil: you are focused on fiscal. >>guest: yes, fiscal. >>neil: and who are the candidate would preach more than you want to hear? >>guest: all of them preach what we want to hear trying to speak to the tea party. the distinction is in their history, and nuance, but i have watched the debate and i expect more tonight, and they are talking tea party values and it shows how far we have gone in the debate. >> in the end do you want someone to bet president obama. -- beat president obama. do you swam low, maybe, your issue pride on some areas to fine the guy would has the best chance to beat president obama? >>guest: well, right now if you look at the frontrunners
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they will boat both president obama. >>neil: actually, rick perry one-on-one doesn't. >>guest: by a few points, but as it unfoameds -- unfolds any of the candidates could beat. >>neil: good to see you. tried to track you but you spoiled it. did you hear that the clown is leaving the big top headed for ... another top? [ male announcer ] one-hundred-nineteen data points.
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>>neil: and now, a bill is aimed at trying to keep the government running a new bill we are told will eliminate loans like those we give to solyndra
1:24 pm
and the cut amounts to $100 billion, 48 republicans voting down the bill aimed to keep the government running beyond october 1st. that was last night's surprise. texas congressman, a republican, and i wonder, congressman, will this be sharely rejected? what are you going to do? >>guest: i know what i will do but i was nervous doing the lead in of the clown leading the big top i am going to the big top after the interview and my daughter does say the only time i grew a beard i went to tuck her in and she said are you going do shake o your beard and she said she liked it because it helped me not lock like a clown. >>neil: congressman, you have been working hard and i want you to come back, so--. are we going do shut down? >>guest: we don't want to shut down the government.
1:25 pm
but, we promised people we with cut $100 billion. we did not keep that promise. we promised we would bring done the debt. and the deal if july and august did not do that and this is the third piece of heavy rage we have to make the government responsible and i don't appreciate having my motives question and i don't question those who voted "yes," i know they believe with all their heart they are doing the right thing and we have to be a team. >>neil: you think, you reject, i understand, congressman, to me it looks like if you stand your ground and you have been consistent, if you and your colleagues bring us to the brink like this, as it could be argued those who insist on spending, having said that, we could be facing our third should down --
1:26 pm
third shut down fear in a row. to what end? >>guest: if it does not result in cutting this out-of-control spending so maybe s&p will upgrade us because we show we are being responsible, it is to no end but it doesn't mean, i'm from texas, and when you know you are right and you stand there at the alamo and you know standing your ground could win statehood and your independence you stand your ground. if it means dying at the alamo, okay so long as it gives the rest of the team a chance to win but we do neat to stand together and we need to do what we said. i bet you are not aware, probably, there are not 1,000 people in the country until now know we cut our own budgets this congress, in the house of representatives, 5 percent across the board giving us the authority to cut 5 percent off every department in the federal government and we are not using the moral authority we have.
1:27 pm
it is time to do this because the moral authority of cutting is the right thing to do. >>neil: it sounds like tonight you will be a no vote on this compromise. >>guest: why want to say ahead time because i have not seen if they will make some cuts hike we said we would do but it should not be lost with regard to the democrats, you have 95 democrats vote for a spending level in july and august and now they voting, 89 of the 95 and individual, we made that deal in july and august but we are not even going along with that and they switched their vote and demand more money to be spent is it seems like with met of the democrats no matter how were you agree to you can country on them coming back in two months saying it is not enough and new we want more and more and more. >>neil: people say those who are against added responding are the ones holding this process
1:28 pm
hostage and you could have argued those who are for added spending are holding this hostage but you raise a number of good points. thank you. good to see you. the president is worried of a bridge falling down my guest says try working about an economy falling apart. [ male announcer ] do you have questions about medicare?
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>> if you want construction workers rebuilding america pass the bill. >>neil: president obama is worrying about a bridge this could fall down and members are working about the who falling apart which pat caddell says the president should focus on. a lot is happening at the same time. >>guest: it is. when the chickens come home to roost at the same moment, a very fristening -- frightening moment. the president in the campaign team think they are running a tactical political campaign. they go to a bridge and talk about this or that and all people remember, didn't we do this the first time? where did the money go? part of the problem is the government has lost its efficacy with people in terms of
1:33 pm
delivering without waste. the president dealt with nothing on that and caught in the problem between trying to make sure he is keeping the base happy and the middle of the country which is a problem and look the at polls. aspects like health care. people like this part, but they do not buy the whole thing. same with the economy, wait, the country is falling apart and there isn't anything knew and you want to argue about this, yes, rich people should pay more but what about jobs. >>neil: that happens with the bridge things but it does remind americans particularly those recently laid off, or any one of the 30,000 let go with bank of america, how does that help me? >>guest: exactly. people's homes are under water or headed underwater, and the
1:34 pm
fore that exists of a future that you don't understand. and i said pure anxiety, that and a sense of decline for the country, the president is up against a big thing and he need as big idea. what they are doing is putting together a very small political piece and they think you can sell it. >>neil: how are the nine candidates tonight in orlando going to handle that? >>guest: well, i am waiting for one of them to have a huge idea. and so is the country so both parties are in trouble. right now the president carries the burden and the republicans, now, are trying to sort who they will win. if this keeps us and if we have what you talking about today with the super committee and the problem with deficits, something else will happen. this politics is a vacuum and the vacuum is gigantic and waiting for someone with a big idea. one thick you have to say about reagan he said i have an answer,
1:35 pm
the country will work, and as tough as a campaign we waged that was enough to prevail. >>neil: but he prevailed with optimistic view. >>guest: that is what i am saying. >>neil: people make a lot of rick perry echoing the reagan approach, but, who seems to have that edge? any idea? >>guest: i don't think anybody has. right now rick perry came in with it the first weeks and you see the damage he is taking with the independents and romney is trying to work that. >>neil: the gap define romney and he has narrowed but in florida the social security ponzi scheme has not hurt. >>guest: i am not so sure. >>neil: he is leading? >>guest: but i think he was much further ahead.
1:36 pm
trust me, stay with me, you'll be right, i will let you know. >>neil: so tonight these two have to sort out and establish something. what? >>guest: perry has the pressure on him to deal with the question of whether he is an extremist, and what he knows anything about policy, he is hammered by everybody in the press. and the democrats. and his own party. opponents. so, he has a problem of getting that across. romney, who, actually, was a weak frontrunner actually has been in some ways positioned again with something to push off of, and he has romney care and he has to get something beyond the problems of the back and forth on issues. no one, yet, has been able to come up and say, say that reagan point, i have an answer, this country can do better, here it is. >>neil: we will see. as we continue.
1:37 pm
>>guest: we will do our preand -- the pre and post game show. i will take a rocket to florida and report from there. >>neil: sometimes you need to step back from the market and just put it in perspective. the wilshire folks with the wilshire 5,000, that is a very birthday base of all types of stock market averages. so, this wilshire 5,000 down 3.25 percent, and do you know what that represents in dollars? half a trillion. today. lost. half a trillion dollars. wow! host: do people use smartphones to do dumb things? man 1: send, that is the weekend.
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1:41 pm
are on the wrong page, time to slash taxes not hike. a dozen companies sending the white house a record and buffett a message: cut us a break and cut our taxes now. and the c.e.o. of the national retail federation is here today. any response from anyone at white house to the letter? >>guest: we have not heard from anyone but we are happy to be part of the coalition, the retail industry is a major driver of activity we have 43 million americans with jobs as a result of the activity in the industry and we have been lobbying for this for a long time, the corporate tax code in this country is badly bron, has been revised for quarter of a century and this is general agreement among people on both sides of the political aisle and among the administration and congress it is time to fix this. >>neil: and warren buffett is not a fan of lowering some of
1:42 pm
the taxes you are talking about, neither is the president, maybe addressing the tax code later, but, certainly the idea that the rich and the corporations should pay more, you don't grow with that. why? how would that affect your industry? retailers, in general, if those rates went up? >>guest: well, retailers already are paying the highest effective corporate tax rate if the united states and the world with the second highest corporate rate at live percent and retailers pay close to that rate at 34.5 percent so we are not competitive here compared it other industries and not competitive on the world market and that reduction if we lower the rate and broaden the base you would see retailers and businesses across the board with would benefit and we could turn around and reinvest and create jobs, expanding businesses and make investments in technology that we need. >>neil: are you worried the world is going the other way? a story in the "new york times" that the trend is not your friend, italy and greece and
1:43 pm
portugal and the other examples are raising their top rates at a time when logic would seem to dictate, probably not wise right now. >>guest: well, we are hopeful and this could be naive, we remain hopeful that real leadership will prevail and we're not going to tax our way out of the economic morass we mind ourselves in but grow our way out of that. >>neil: do you see anything now that would have us grow out? i had a real estate specialist what sees nothing on the horizon? >>guest: we have some short-term things, we node some easy wins and we ought to pass the free trade agreements and do things hike address visa reform to get more people visiting the country and spending money and
1:44 pm
investing. and spend money on infrastructure, transportation, aviation, we have a crumbling, aging, therefore structure system, and all of us in the supply chain benefit when we invest if that and we more competitive. >>neil: as long as the money goes to it it veers off track. >>guest: absolutely, and we do have to ensure it is put on the target but by investing on taking the long term approach, the things we have heard have been short-term approach and they are not permanent structural fixes and tax hikes are not things that encourage growth and investment but things that will discourage growth and investment. a number of regular there step issues to address whether it is health care mandate, things going on with the national labor relations board, those would instill confidence not market. >>neil: let me know when you hear back from the white house. very good having you.
1:45 pm
>> she's back, whitman lost out but she won over hewlett-packard naming the former e-bay c.e.o. to take over the same role as the embattled computer giant and if you think that's big news, just wait, we can see a lot of changes in corner around the congress. >>guest: we will see a lost -- a lot of c.e.o.'s getting the budget. h.p. in the last 11 months the c.e.o. was this, down 47 percent. a lot of other big fortune 500 companies in similar situation where the stock price is cut in half. someone has to pay. heads will roll. >>neil: but is it part of the same meltdown. in 2008 it was reckless abandon, everyone was swiped by the same brush, right, do you take out the c.e.o. for what is a bigger
1:46 pm
global sell off? >>guest: you do. they feel as shareholders and stake holders and the board, whoever it is, who is losing money as the stock falls each day, although the global markets falling someone has to pay, similar to the nfl, if you are losing, it goes to the coach or quaterback. they win or they lose. the same thing happens with the c.e.o.'s, last year we had c.e.o.'s 43 of the s&p 500 c.e.o.'s stepped down. so far we have had 27 in six months. heads will continue to roll. >>neil: the last time she was here we talked about politics. >> romney if he were the presidential nominee he could turn to you as a running mate. that rumor has been out there. what do you thing of it? >>guest: there will be a lot people that he can pick from. i'm happy to help him anyway he wants but there are better
1:47 pm
candidates rebel for vice president who have served in elective office and run lunch -- run large states. there are a lot of people to pick from but i think there are people more qualified to be vice president than me. >>neil: treasury secretary? >>guest: whatever he needs i am happy to help him. he will need, if he wins, he will need a lot of good people because you have to surrounds yourself with the best people. >>neil: i have listened to that and if you are h.p. and you know that she is very tight with romney, and say he becomes president, and you just hired a caretaker c.e.o. and moves on to washington. >>guest: h.p. since 1999, seven different c.e.o.'s. so, right now, they are reeling so bad they have to go to the old veteran quaterback on the side lines. and if that gets them going for
1:48 pm
ten or 12 months, they could get in the right direction. right now they having in. i can not believe she took this job. i would have waited for a potential opening in the white house. >>neil: she still might. >> they burned through billions of our dollars and now the palestinians are burning our flag? are you feeling burnt yet? hing . and she does ts ncing finger thing. [ male announcer ] with advanced technology from ge, now doctors can diagnose diseases like breast cancer on a cellular level. so that women, like kristy's mom, can get personalized treatment that's as unique as she is. [ kristy ] she's definitely not like other moms. yeah, my mom is pretty weird. ♪
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>>neil: we cough it up. they burn it up. in the b, 3 billion we have give were the palestinians the last 10 years. but our flag. our flag. this day. the palestinian demonstrators lighting up after president
1:52 pm
obama gave a thumb's down to independent palestinian state, reaction from israel in jerusalem. what did you thing of that, mayor? >>guest: violence is not going to get the palestinians anywhere. last time they tried an uprising it took them back. violence must get zero gain for people. and i think going to the u.n. and trying to twist israel's arm through the u.n. going do big where will not get a resolution to the conflict. it is a clear pentagon. stop violence. come to negotiate a good deal, not a bad deal, and you will find israel is a great partner for co-existing. >>neil: a lot of weird things have been going on, turkey is getting bellicose with israel and the issue where your
1:53 pm
ambassador had to flee the residence at cairo, going on at the u.n., i don't, where there is smoke there is a lot of fire. >>guest: well, it is unfortunate, i think, trying to bend our arm, that will not work. we are committed to seek peace. we try to against ourselves when people try to hit us and hopefully the u.n. and thanks to the u.s. government that understands not to push this region to a bad deal, i believe and hope for better times that the world will understand it is through direct negotiations between israel and the palestinians that will resolve the problem. >>neil: i know you are a weird away, mahmoud ahmadinejad had a bizarre moment speaking at the u.n. where folks are just
1:54 pm
leaving, he dismissed 9/11 and he dismissed the state of israel, dismissed the holocaust and on and on and on and in the end he was almost talking to an empty room. yet this is a guy would has control over, we're told, technology and weapons that he wants to obliterate you with. what do you make of that? >>guest: i'm proud of the u.n. for letting him speak. democracy will not be allowed in his state for his people but it shows the difference and gaps between the values of israel and the united states and the people like ahmadinejad. i believe the world must understand that to get peace in our region you have to train your kids in the to commit suicide, come with an open-heart and understand there is a jewish
1:55 pm
state and arab state and we seek peace. and, not through speeches like ahmadinejad, that is not how you gain direction. i am happy the world recognizes that is not the right direction. >>neil: not everyone left the room but a good many. always a pleasure, thank you very much. >> we told you how a lot of investors sold off told, half a trillion dollars and when that happens a number of other things happen to keep off a repeat performance. something mcdonald's did moments ago that you want to hear moments from now. they've been committed to putting clients first. helping generations through tough times. good times. never taking a bailout.
1:56 pm
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and pull out your music, movies, images and documents at the mind-melting speed of verizon 4g lte. now nothing is beyond your digital reach. the droid bionic by motorola. control it and you control everything. >>neil: these are things you look for on a sell off like a 400-point sell off like we had
1:59 pm
today. what do banks do to make customs happy? i raise this because it could be interesting. mcdonald's hiking the dividend, in other words, the extra money on every share you own in this case, continue continue stock, and now, today, when stops were getting hit, maybe this showing the stock is one you want to keep. we will see. the stock is drown nearly 5 percent this month but that is the stuff you look for, for more companies to by back their stock, raise their dividend to compel you to keep their stack. we are on it tomorrow focusing on what buyers do to keep the faith. that will do it. >> hello, everyone, at 5:00 on the east coast. this is "the 5." we have a packed show for you


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